Creative Snowman Building Ideas

Fun, Creative Ways to Build a Snowman


What do you do when life gives you snow? Build a snowman, of course. Don’t let the weather in New England get you down, get out and create memories with these creative snowman building ideas! We’ve found some fun, creative ways to build a snowman. With these ideas, you are sure to win a snowman building contest!


This snowman is a little spooky! Find more about him at Daily Mail.

snowman building ideas
Now, that isn’t very nice. He needs to spend some time with Olaf.


If you want to win a contest, but want to keep it simple try building an upside down snowman like this one we found at List 25.


You can expand on the idea if you have some creatives on your team. This guy from Creative Mind looks like he is doing cartwheels! Snowman building is a great way to bond with your team. You might also like to try ice sculpting!

snowman building ideas
Use snowman building as a way to bond with your team.


Think outside the snowball and build a square… er rectangle. Clicky Pix offers a gallery of creative snowman ideas including this Spongebob Snowman.

spongebob snowman
Make a square snowman and name him Bob.


Make a mini snowman army to capture the evil snowman lurking in your yard. We found this idea at People Excited About Co-Existence. It begs the question, are they talking about co-existing with snowmen? Well, I guess that’s okay… in the winter.

Gullivers travel snowman idea
Wonder what this guy did to deserve that?


Whatever you build, make sure you have fun and stay warm!




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